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Waminda is a culturally safe and holistic service, providing women and their Aboriginal families from the South Coast of New South Wales with opportunities to receive quality health and well-being support. Our vision is for Aboriginal women and their families leading and living self-determined futures.

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Blak Cede is Waminda's social and cultural enterprise that enacts this vision. Led by our community of strong Blak women, we cultivate traditional bush foods and medicine from our community garden in the Shoalhaven to produce high-quality products for our cafe and online store.

The Blak Cede team is working to create meaningful connections in our community where people may be experiencing isolation, lack of culturally supportive employment opportunities and the need for connection to Country. We are engaging in decolonising practices and reclamation for our community by using traditional knowledge to produce healthy products that keep our peoples strong and healthy. We aim to grow and share our ways of knowing, being and doing, and make a robust food and cultural experience to give back to the community leading it.

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Your ongoing support

The growth of Blak Cede is where it is today, thanks to the ongoing support from the wider community. So far, we have expanded our resources, including production equipment for packaging, staffing and re-branding. Still, we hope to continue this movement by developing training programs and to employ more staff to work across our Blak Cede Gunyah café, online store, and traditional food gardens and farms. This is where your contributions will help to make a difference.

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With additional funds raised, Blak Cede can strive to provide ongoing employment for local Koori women – especially young peoples and continue the production of our delicious Blak Cede products. Expanding our product lines is also part of our vision, along with advertising globally and developing firm foundations that will allow us to create a safe space for practising culture through holistically sharing knowledge and wellness.

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